The Future Of The Australian Adult Industry Starts With X Awards

X AWARDS™ is redefining the Australian Adult Industry, with an awards program that welcomes all sectors of the Adult Industry from Businesses to Entertainers. Presented by Sweet Release Agency

Meet CEO and Founder of X Awards Australia; JETT BLACK

10 Years in the Australian Adult Industry as an Independent Escort, Former Adult Film Performer (Gay) and diversely experienced Manager of Business Strategy and Brand across the Sex Industry, Adult Retail and Entertainment Industries -  I have grown in my passion for supporting Businesses and Entertainers grow and share their stories.


AWARDS every year invites Adult Businesses and Adult Entertainers to self-nominate as well as encourages people who engage Adult Services and enjoy Adult Entertainment in Australia to support the future of the industry with online nominations.

Sponsored by Adult Industry Supporting Businesses and Service Providers from around the world, 34 Award Categories culminate in a total prize value of over $50,000 (AUD) of services to support winners with their careers, brands and future in the industry.

The wider public, industry and supporters are encouraged to vote for the Businesses and Entertainers they want to see win the Award Categories; with votes checked and verified to ensure legitimacy of every finalists position in the program. One vote per person.

Finalists are invited to one of the most highly anticipated and socially immersive events that brings Industry together from across the Country, to network, share their stories and grow their industry connections, friendships and partnerships at the Awards Night.

XAWARDS is presented by Multi-Award Winning family owned agency Sweet Release. recognised globally as the #1 Adult Business and Adult Entertainment Marketing and Public Relations Agency; with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Meet The National Awards Program Director, LYNETTE IRENE

As the mother of Jett Black (CEO of Sweet Release Agency and Founder of X Awards), I am passionate about not only supporting my son with his ambitions but being an active part of his life; as he aims to bring an industry he calls his second family closer together.

I believe in family values. Equality. Love. and Respect.


Nobody should be judged because of their careers as they do not define the person within. Too often we see Adult Businesses and Adult Entertainers wrongly judged or misrepresented by the mainstream press.

As the Awards Program Director and Co-Manager of X Awards Australia, I place a strong emphasis on enhancing the program experience of participants from nominations to the verification and qualification process as a finalist.


At X Awards Australia, we believe in rewarding and recognising the people of the Australian Adult Industry who truly deserve the recognition, who do not take advantage of the industry for the wrong reasons and who actively give back to the industry; to help others achieve excellence.


Giving back is what the X Awards Australia is all about and by uniting every Adult Business and Adult Entertainer across the country every year; inviting mainstream press to take notice of the program combined with global sponsorship across all award categories; we are de-stigmatising the industry and bringing our industry peers together.

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Meet The Global Adult Industry Relationship Director, GLENN RONALD

As the father of Jett Black (CEO of Sweet Release Agency and Founder of X Awards), it brings me great joy to see his vision come to life in supporting Adult Businesses and Adult Entertainers celebrate their successes and unite as one.

I believe in collaboration. Freedom of Expression. Family. and Integrity.


It astounds me that so many people in the world look upon our industry with disrespect, but it is heart warming to know that there are Businesses in the world who do not judge Adult Entertainers and Adult Businesses for their careers and passions.

As the Awards Sponsor and Industry Relationship Manager, I am committed to unearthing businesses and service providers globally who want to support Adult Businesses and Adult Entertainers through the X Awards program, by donating their expertise as prizes.


Together we can recognise, and reward Adult Businesses and Adult Entertainers giving them the support and confidence boost they deserve, that too often is diminished by the stigma of mainstream press that challenges the Adult Industry globally.

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