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Join or Explore a Chapter of XAWARDS

Is there a Chapter you would like us to open? Contact Us Today


REASON 1 We are a professional organisation that helps adult businesses and adult entertainers unite for excellence, to grow their careers through positive relationships and events.

REASON 2 Members have exclusive marketing rights in their chapter with the opportunity to promote their adult industry products and services within their community.

REASON 3 Members bring referrals and invite visitors to their chapter MasterClass series and events. This provides a continual source of potential new relationships every month.

REASON 4 We provide exposure to an international network of adult industry businesses and adult entertainers who are as passionate as we are about growing their careers.

REASON 5 Members meet monthly, develop strong relationships, provide support and mentoring for each other, and are willing to share their adult industry knowledge and resources.

REASON 6 We recognise and celebrate excellence in adult business and adult entertainment with our Chapter Awards programs held annually, voted for by peers and consumers of adult industry products and services worldwide.



Can anyone become a member of XAWARDS?

We accept active adult businesses and adult entertainers in every sector per chapter. So, as long as you are still trading as an adult business or still performing as an adult entertainer, you are welcome to Join Today.

How do you know members are reputable and active in the Global Adult Entertainment Business Industry?

There is an Application and rigorous vetting process. Each chapter has a Membership Director that conducts interviews and reference checks.

How does XAWARDS ensure that the highest standards are maintained within each Chapter of the Adult Industry Network community?

We have a Code of Ethics and a strong set of highly professional values that are adhered to by all Members. It’s the Chapter Membership Director's responsibility to make sure the highest standards are maintained.

Click the button below to get invited to a chapter and speak with one of our Chapter Managers today.

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