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Rules Of The Game


UPDATED 17.10.2023

To be considered for an award:

- Nominees must buy a ticket at least seven days before the event;
- Nominees need to be present at the award ceremony to qualify;
- When you nominate someone, you affirm both you and the nominee are aged 18 or above;
- Nominations with false contact details or information may be disqualified;
- Nominees should align with the criteria for their category. The organising committee can dismiss or withdraw unsuitable nominations;
- If the committee can't confirm the nominee's active involvement in their category, that nomination can be removed or withdrawn;
- Categories with fewer than 3 nominees might not be part of the voting, based on the committee's decision;
- Nominations for individuals or businesses exhibiting inappropriate conduct (e.g., bullying, discrimination, violence) that could tarnish the reputation of the xAWARDS™ might not be considered and can be removed anytime by the committee;
- Ambassador Category winners may be chosen based on their industry impact and contributions, not solely on vote count;
- Nominees will receive an email confirmation after their nomination is verified by the committee, provided they can find the nominee's contact details;
- If Covid-19 restrictions hinder the in-person gala event, a virtual awards ceremony will be streamed live;
- The decision of the organising committee is conclusive, and no further discussions will be entertained.

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