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Club 8 Wins Brothel Award 2019

BROTHEL 2019 - Club 8 Melbourne

The X Awards would like to congratulate Club 8 Melbourne who won Brothel Of The Year at the 2019 X Awards.

Club 8 Melbourne wins Brothel of the Year 2019

“2019 has been an exciting year for us at Club 8 Melbourne not only do we undergo new management with myself and my supportive team and wife, but we also take out the Brothel Of The Year award - we could not have done this without the support of our loyal clients and amazing escorts!" – Joe, NEW Manager and Director of Club 8 Melbourne

How Many Years Have You Been In The Adult Industry?

“"We have only been managing Club 8 Melbourne for 13 months."

Who is Club 8 Melbourne?

“We are a boutique brothel with 6 spa rooms with hotel style and well appointed facilities located in Springvale, just a short 20 minute drive from the Melbourne CBD. We do our best provide a safe clean comfortable place for both escorts and clients."

Any Achievements You Want To Tell Us About?

“We take on clients with disabilities where we can as well as support organisations hat are there to help those in the industry that need help."

How Did You Get Started In The Adult Industry and What Do You Love About Being A Part of The Australian Adult Industry?

“Firstly it was the $$ but through the process of getting licensed I felt compelled to have a place where escorts would feel safe and welcome to practice there chosen profession. Seeing escorts come in and actually see this environment and appreciate it for what we are trying to achieve."

Why Do You Feel You Deserved To Win The X Awards This Year?

“Firstly, we aren’t here for the accolades we are here to provide the right environment for the escorts as best we can. We wouldn’t say we are the best but we have a very friendly environment which both escorts and clients seem to appreciate."

What Do You Believe Makes You Stand Out From Other Adult Directories in Australia?

"I offer so much support to my staff it isn't funny. Thus ensuring my clients are never disappointed by doing whatever it takes for a job to be completed successfully. From driving staff to work, opening up my home for FIFO girls to stay at & even babysitting their children - you name it & i've pretty much done it. I am the only agent i know of in this part of Qld (maybe even the entire state)that flies girls in for work, provides accomodation/drivers to all jobs along with a guaranteed minimum earn & who will train guys/girls from scratch at no cost including the provision of a costume, show kit & overall grooming advise. Giving them the tools to allow them to be able to work anywhere in Australia as a waitress& performer. I am married to my work & have dedicated my life to this industry forfeiting husbands&children along the way. Unwavering is what i have been - striving to do the absolute best i can."

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