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Club Freak comes 2nd in Adult Event Awards Category 2019

CLUB FREAK - 2nd Place, Adult Event Awards 2019

The X Awards would like to congratulate Club Freak who came 2nd in the Adult Event Award Category at the 2019 X Awards.

Club Freak came 2nd at the 2019 X Awards, Adult Event Category

How Many Years Have You Been In The Adult Industry?

“14 years."

Tell Us About Club Freak?

Club Freak hosts kink alternative lifestyle events that aim to encourage a sense of community and entertain with top DJs, fetish entertainers as well as educational BDSM workshops. We create not only memorable, exciting experiences but an atmosphere of authentic connection and acceptance."

What Achievements Have You Had So Far?

6 years of sell out events with 500-1000 guests each event. We have just purchased Perth’s first ever full time Kink bar opening its doors in 7 weeks and are throwing a three day festival this November called AdultX. Just being able to create a forum for people to celebrate and explore their sexual diversity has been phenomenal. We are very proud of the community we have helped build."

What Contributions Have You Made Towards the Australian Adult Industry?

We have provided a safe space for people to be themselves and explore their deepest desires while being in a place of non judgement where safety is paramount. We have taught thousands of people the importance of consent through our safe, sane, consensual message. We work hard at creating a heavy consent culture. We have ignited kink into the community and opened up lots of healthy dialogue about kink with the general public. We have also been able to provide an amazing platform to help promote Australian performers and artist."

How Did You Get Started In The Adult Industry?

"Club Freak has two owners, Beauty and The Beast if you will. The founder David who has been an alternative DJ, events manager and long standing supporter of Perth’s LGBTQI community and created the Club Freak brand and Sara who worked many years around the worlds dungeons as a Pro fetishist and is building a mini empire of small businesses. Their worlds collided and together they are not only making magic but creating something entirely different to anything else available in Australia."

Why Did Club Freak Deserve Recognition as 2nd Place Winner at the 2019 X Awards?

"We have managed to build a place for thousands of people whom desires live outside the bounds of conventional sexuality. A haven for the kink community to call their own that also provides education of an exceptional standard via workshops and community events and helps everyone with any desire to explore and ignite their sexuality. We truely feel we have altered so many peoples lives, sparked healthy conversations, spread the message of consent, encouraged individuality, celebrated diversity and built self esteems by building a real community,"

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