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Delicious Entertainment Wins Adult Party Planners/Agency Award 2019

ADULT PARTY PLANNERS/AGENCY 2019 - Delicious Entertainment

The X Awards would like to congratulate Delicious Entertainment who won Adult Party Planners/Agency at the 2019 X Awards.

Delicious Entertainment wins Adult Party Planners/Agency Award 2019

“We are thrilled to win Adult Party Planners and Entertainment Agency Award category in the 2019 X Awards. Thank you to everyone who voted for us and supports our. business.” – Malibu, Founder of Delicious Entertainment.

How Many Years Have You Been In The Adult Industry?

“I (Malibu) have been in the adult entertainment industry for 25 years and 2 months."

Who is Malibu and Delicious Entertainment?

“My industry name is Malibu & that's what pretty much everyone calls me. I started out a dancer/waitress myself & originally hail from Townsville which is where i started the agency 'Delicious Entertainment' in 1996. Due to public demand i relocated to Mackay in central Qld - the hub of the Bowen Basin mining industry about 1997/98. I have travelled all over Nth&Central Qld doing roving reporter style shoots for The Picture Magazine, being published over 30times as a paid model, as well as appearing multiple times in People Magazine, Live to Ride, & Ozbike - also gracing the cover of Men at Work magazine about 1999. In 2000 i was diagnosed with Rhemathoid Arthritis, a chronic blood disorder which flares up in the form of arthritis. Was told by my specialist this would be the end of my working career & that i should consider moving back home to live with my parents as the degeneration of my joints began. I then was forced to retire from dancing & focused my efforts on training other girls & the business side of the agency. In 2005 i opened my adult boutique 'The Diva's Den' - not knowing zip about retail stores & also discovered my new passion in the same industry i had loved for so many years. About 2008 both of my businesses then became a propriety limited company 'DivaGirl Pty Ltd' & i continue to service Central Qld providing the best adult entertainers in the region & the BEST little sex shop in Mackay, possibly the world!"

Any Achievements You Want To Tell Us About?

“I am Winner of Miss Erotica Central Qld 1997 Miss Erotica Cairns Best Box / Most Wicked 1997 Miss Erotica Nth Qld Hottest Body 1997/98/99 Miss Nude Qld finalist 1997 Miss Nude Nth Qld Entertainer of the year 1997 Miss Nude Nth Qld Hottest Body 2000 Miss Nude Nth Qld Best Chest 2000/01"

How Did You Get Started In The Adult Industry and What Do You Love About Being A Part of The Australian Adult Industry?

“I started doing some lingerie waitressing after my fiance at the time left me in the middle of the night, stealing all the $ from our joint bank accounts along with my car. Add to that the loss of my bar job due to an ownership change & i was in a very bleak financial position for the first time in my adult life & my family had just moved down south, so i was alone, broke & worried about my future. So it was definitely the money honey, that got me started & then i guess you could say, (to cut a long story short), i liked my new job so much i ended up buying the business & have never looked back. Possibly one of my favourite things is changing how some people look at what we do from a negative to a positive through the use of my highly professional team of constantly changing but always the best quality adult entertainers. Mostly the general public are ignorant about our profession & a lot assume we are prostitutes but they couldn't be further from the truth & i'm hear to educate them one way or another ! Guess i'm still part of the industry due to my mad love for it & the fact that i really know this like the back of my hand. It has literally driven me around the bend & to the crazy ward twice over the years-dealing with up to 25 female dancers at a time & having them live with me off&on for the last 20+ yrs has definitely had it's challenges, but by now i'm way to invested to ever turn back & wouldn't have it any other way."

Why Do You Feel You Deserved To Win The X Awards This Year?

“I've definitely earned it in blood, sweat & tears. Just being in this industry for as long as i have, continually operating my agency with the same ownership is a feat in itself. Also because of the contribution i have made & continue to make by giving up my time to train newbies from the very start, mentoring them to achieve maximum earning potential & ensuring top quality remains in this industry in my region."

What Do You Believe Makes You Stand Out From Other Adult Directories in Australia?

"I offer so much support to my staff it isn't funny. Thus ensuring my clients are never disappointed by doing whatever it takes for a job to be completed successfully. From driving staff to work, opening up my home for FIFO girls to stay at & even babysitting their children - you name it & i've pretty much done it. I am the only agent i know of in this part of Qld (maybe even the entire state)that flies girls in for work, provides accomodation/drivers to all jobs along with a guaranteed minimum earn & who will train guys/girls from scratch at no cost including the provision of a costume, show kit & overall grooming advise. Giving them the tools to allow them to be able to work anywhere in Australia as a waitress& performer. I am married to my work & have dedicated my life to this industry forfeiting husbands&children along the way. Unwavering is what i have been - striving to do the absolute best i can."

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