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EasyTiger Photography Wins Adult Industry Photography Award 2019

EasyTiger Photography wins Adult Industry Photographer X Awards 2019

ADULT INDUSTRY PHOTOGRAPHER WINNER 2019 - EasyTiger Photography, Taylor Darling

The X Awards would like to congratulate EasyTiger Photography (Taylor Darling) who won Adult Industry Photography at the 2019 X Awards.

Here is a snap of Taylor Darling (EasyTiger Photography) striking a pose with her trophy at the 2019 X Awards after she won on the awards night media wall:

Taylor Darling, Founder and Director of EasyTiger Photography
“I am really thankful to be recognised for my work as an Adult Industry Photographer. Thank you to the industry for their support and to X Awards Australia for recognising me and my creative passion which is photographing the many beauties of the Adult Industry from Sex Workers to Adult Film Performers. So excited!” – Taylor Darling, EasyTiger Photography

How Many Years Have You Been In The Adult Industry?

“I have been in the Adult Entertainment Industry as a Professional Photographer for 2 Years."

Who is Taylor Darling and EasyTiger Photography?

“Taylor Darling; creating eye catching images with local & international men & women. I am all about enhancing the natural beauty that is there & providing women with images that look like themselves, on their very best day."

Any Achievements You Want To Tell Us About?

“I am one of the noteworthy photographers of Suicide Girls!"

How Did You Get Started In The Adult Industry and What Do You Love About Being A Part of The Australian Adult Industry?

“As I have been shooting Suicide Girls for the last 6 years, I naturally started booking strippers & escorts. I then started shooting more hardcore content for friends & clients & fell in love with the industry & the fun we have. It’s such an amazing creative outlet. No rules, no censorship, you’re free to create whatever you’re feeling. Everyone seems more relaxed when shooting porn & erotic content, its the best! I definitely feel like I belong here."

Why Do You Feel You Deserved To Win The X Awards This Year?

“I’ve successfully gone full time, I help women feel good about themselves & im a new horse out of the gate with a fresh eye."

What Do You Believe Makes You Stand Out From Other Adult Directories in Australia?

"The images I return are enhanced versions of the women I shoot. They get these photos back and they think wow, I’m stunning. I have a fresh eye & a more natural take on editing. I believe the way society is headed, making women feel amazing about themselves is the goal over making them think they look amazing AFTER a heap of photoshop."

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