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Meet Our Sponsor: Fancy Steel


The X Awards would like to thank Fancy Steel for sponsoring the 2020 X Awards and awarding Prize Winners this year with incredible prizes which we detail below. We also take the time to find out more about this incredible adult industry supporting business.

Tell Us About Your Business?

Fancy steel specialises in hand made to order custom chastity belts and adult fetish toys. Started in 2014 Based in Adelaide, South Australia. Everything is made from the highest quality materials with a high level of attention to detail. 

Where Did The Idea For Fancy Steel Arise?

I owned a number of chastity belts from other manufacturers and I was looking for a metal fabrication company in Adelaide to make some alterations to these belts.  It became clear that I was going to have a great deal of difficulty finding someone who would help me because of the nature of the product.  I finally found a fabricator who was willing to work with me and in time we were able to develop a business partnership.  This partnership has become central to the success of Fancy Steel and, as a team, we have been able to create unique stainless steel chastity belts and fetish toys.

What Does Fancy Steel do?

Fancy steel creates unique steel bondage, chastity belt and fetish toy designs.  At Fancy Steel we focus on creating products that are customisable resulting in an individual and secure fit.   We use the highest quality materials and create unique one off pieces. We have also been able to expand the business and create a series of films in which Fancy Steel products, chastity and bondage are featured.

What is your mission at Fancy Steel?

At Fancy Steel the priority has always been to design high quality, unique and innovative products that do not exist on the current market.  And to create a space for those who want to engage in chastity for the first time or offer something to those who have been using chastity belts and want to develop their collection. We hope that our clients value the personal and customised approach we take to designing their belt and appreciate the level of unique design and quality that we are able to offer.

What inspired you to enter the Adult Industry?

A personal interest in chastity belts led me to consider creating belts for others.  At the time there was a lack of quality products on the market that really excited me.  I felt like there was an opportunity to create thoughtfully designed belts and other accessories that would engage with the chastity community and provide them with choices that seemed to be missing from the adult market.

How did you get started in the Adult Industry?

I saw an opportunity in the market to create videos that reflected my interest in chastity, because again I wasn’t really able to find material that truly engaged me. The videos we produce at Fancy Steel have become an important and dynamic part of the business and a great compliment to the chastity belts and fetish toys we design.  We love that we are able to provide both the product and engaging chastity based material for our clients.

What have been some of the most challenging issues you have faced in the Adult Industry and how did you overcome them?

Owning a business is rife with challenges!  Everytime I overcome one there seems to be another around the corner, particularly in such a personal and intimate industry.  But sometimes these challenges create new design ideas and allow for us to make improvements, so in many ways I believe these challenges are important to the growth of my business. We understand that our clients need and deserve a personalised service and this can sometimes require a great deal of time and energy to ensure that we are providing that service.  But we believe that this personalised approach is important and unique in the market and worth the effort required!  Fancy Steel has been able to bring on some additional staff recently to allow us to take care of our clients and make sure each and every inquiry and request is addressed. As any business grows we face new challenges and continue to work out how best to overcome them!  We are excited to be able to say that Fancy Steel is growing and each day we tackle these to ensure our products are right for our clients.


"It's lovely to see an Australian adult industry award. Fancy Steel spends a bulk of time overseas promoting and selling products and It is just nice to support homegrown talent and awards we keep all of our production and jobs in Australian so it makes sense to support X Awards Australia. We would like to see the Australian Adult industry grow strong!" - Jay, Sales & Marketing Director, FancySteel


What is the biggest misconception about the adult entertainment Industry from your perspective? What do you think needs to change for the industry to be accepted?

There is a misconception that the adult industry is somehow off limits to the ordinary person, inaccessible for those who are interested in experimenting.  Once you spend time in the industry it is clear that it can be a welcoming and supportive community but it seems that it is difficult to understand for those standing on the outside. Perhaps we need to look at the image of the adult industry, as perceived by those outside it, by slowly integrating it into the regular retail market.  To make products that are higher in quality and more accessible through online sales, and to importantly, support those sales with detailed and accessible customer service.

What have been some of the valuable lessons you have learnt in your adult industry career?

Service and quality are everything - yes we build creatively designed products at Fancy Steel but if I didn’t ensure that my clients received the service they needed to feel secure about their purchases then my business wouldn’t exist. Quality has also become an important priority.  I felt like sometimes the adult products I bought were not well made and that bothered me.  I focussed on using high quality materials and ensuring my designs were considered. I think this priority has become part of our success at Fancy Steel.

What would you tell someone who is not fully comfortable with the adult industry?

Start small…find something that you engage with, a toy or a belt or something else that you feel like you might be able to ‘get your head’ around! This can be an opportunity to find play in your life that might have otherwise been missing. Knowing that the adult industry is full of people just like yourself can also help break down the barriers that people feel, creating an environment that allows someone to see the adult industry like any other business.

What are some of your achievements?

In the last year I have been expanding the business allowing it to become self-sustainable.  This has been a point I have been working towards for 6 years, supplementing my income through other work, and is an important marker for my business and personal achievement.  We have also been working on a series of belts, collars and toys that integrate wifi technology.  This technology allows these products to be controlled from an App on a mobile phone from anywhere in the world.  We are excited to be working on such an innovative product and to bring these products to the market

Why do people in the industry and abroad choose to work with Fancy Steel?

We believe that it is the combination of the high quality design and fabrication of our products and the engaged customer service that brings our clients back to us.

How has the Adult Industry changed since you first entered the industry with your business?

The industry seems to be becoming more accessible, little by little and this is allowing us all to be more open about what we do and helping us to engage with people we may not have even connected to 5 years ago.

What message do you have the for the adult businesses and adult entertainers who want to succeed in industry?

Like in anything, if you believe in something enough, work hard to get your ideas out into the world. Running a business is hard work, and often requires me to be many things to many people, be flexible and open minded about how your business might evolve and stay in close contact with your clients and customers to understand what they need.  Good service is powerful.


Fancy Steel is always open to collaborative projects and specialised custom designs. Whatever your idea might be don’t hesitate to let us know. We will always strive to find a solution that works.  Creating a product that is unique and individual, designed for you is what we believe in. 


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