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Jett Black (CEO) and Jane Untamed Talk With ByTheBi

What can you expect at the 2020 X Awards Night?

Jett Black (CEO and Founder) and Jane Untamed (Host and Industry Ambassador) for X Awards Australia speak with ByTheBi Podcast about the 2019 X Awards success, highlights and most memorable moments and what to expect at the 2020 X Awards Night.

Where Can You Listen To This Podcast?

You can listen to the podcast here:

When Does Nominations Open and How Do I Nominate an Adult Entertainer or Adult Business in Australia?

Nominations open on Wednesday 1st April 2020 with nominations accepted online at the website - just keep an eye out for the Nominations Button, click that and follow the prompts and on-screen instructions to nominate an Adult Business or Adult Entertainer from Australia."

What Are The Rules For Nominations and Award Criteria for the 2020 X Awards?

You can find this information on the RULES page of our website - if you cannot find that page; click here."

When do Awards Night Tickets go on sale for the 2020 X Awards Night and can anyone attend?

"Tickets are on sale right now! All tickets include welcome drink on arrival, food, entertainment, photo and video media opportunities with invited Press and Journalists from across Australia and the World. Tickets are $205 (AUD) and if you have attended an X Awards night in the past; you will receive an SMS for an exclusive ticket discount! Anyone can attend but we expect non-industry people to treat the businesses and entertainers with respect and kindness. Anyone who is rude (industry people included) will be thrown out of the venue by our very muscly security - no if's no buts no questions."

Interested In Sponsoring the 2020 X Awards?

We'd love to hear from you simply send an email to if you would like to donate prizes from your adult industry supporting business or if you would like to support the awards program financially to tap into our extensive national marketing database to promote your business via email and SMS campaigns to over 25,000 Australians.

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