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Little House Of Horus comes 2nd in Fetish and Fantasy Provider Award Category 2019

LITTLE HOUSE OF HORUS - 2nd Place, Fetish and Fantasy Award 2019

The X Awards would like to congratulate Little House Of Horus who came 2nd in the Fetish and Fantasy Award Category at the 2019 X Awards.

Little House Of Horus comes 2nd, Fetish and Fantasy Award 2019

How Many Years Have You Been In The Adult Industry?

“11 months"

Tell Us About Little House Of Horus?

Little House of Horus Leathercraft is a South Australian based business that manufacturers Fetish & Alternative Leather both stock items & custom from Floggers & Paddles through to Shirts, Pants & Kilts. First started as a backyard hobby providing gear for friends & members of the local fetish scene in 2007 it was decided in 2018 to register & launch Little House of Horus as a full time concern!!"

How Did You Get Started In The Adult Industry?e

Involvement has been a very gradual process, with sponsorship of Switch SA starting approximately 6 years ago. In between there has been a lot of one-off interaction with groups Like the Bear-Men of Adelaide & various swingers & fetish events. Involvement with Adelaide Leather & Fetish began in September 2018, & has led to involvement with local & interstate title holders, plus Sydney Mardi Gras involvement & becoming the "goto guy" for advice on leather care & repair. Although Ive broken ties before with the community Ive always come back because I love the people & they genuinely deserve the support they've shown me in the past. Plus the challenges they give me are mind-blowing!!"

Why Did Horus Leather Craft Deserve Recognition as 2nd Place Winner at the 2019 X Awards?

"We offer a personal touch to buying leather gear & where possible a 1 on 1 buying & custom experience. Its not just about shopping but coming away knowing you have exactly what you want & it is made to the best of my abilities!!"

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