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Luci Power wins Adult Content Award 2019

Luci Power wins Adult Content Award 2019
Luci Power wins Adult Content Award 2019


The X Awards would like to congratulate Luci Power who won Adult Content Award at the 2019 X Awards.

Here is a video we found of Luci Power talking about what it means to her to win the Adult Content Award in the Australian Adult Entertainment Business Awards, X Awards Australia:

“...I'm just super excited and thankful! Thank you to all the fans who took the time to nominate and vote for me, Adult Content Creator sounds vague; but I like this award because it credits me for all the online media and work I do (not just porn) it is about talking to you and providing you with information and you guys being a part of my life! Thank you, I love you - and thank you to X Awards Australia” – Luci Power

How Many Years Have You Been In The Adult Industry?

“I have been in the Australian Adult Industry for 2 years and 11 months"

Who is Luci Power?

“I started as an escort as Luci but have always filmed amateur content for personal reasons. I started uploading content online for sale about 1 year into the industry and began working for professional porn productions soon after that. Luci Power was then born and my online presence grew exponentially. Fans began following my story and i became well known for revealing all about my life to help give insight into the industry and life of an escort cum pornstar under the hashtag #lifeofluci .. my goal is to be an advocate for escorting as a legitimate career and to help people understand that an escort can be an ‘normal’ person, have children, family, degrees, hobbies and businesses. We (and our partners) are heavily discriminated against and this needs to be changed."

Have You Had Any Achievements?

“Yes, aside from winning the 2019 X Awards: I am touring nationally and internationally as an escort. I am a Paid pornstar with Aussie Fellatio Queens, Aussie Ass, Sex Features, Porn Star Advice. I have Conducted interviews with PornStar Advice. U have grown my twitter following from 2k to 13.5k in under a year. I was Recently listed as a model and pornstar on PornHub. I have Presented a 20 minute seminar at Brisbane SEXPO 2019 called “how to date a porn star”. I officially launched Luci Power Productions and I am about to launch my own range of Personal Lubrication called Luci’s Goo. I am also excited to announce that I am currently having a documentary filmed about me"

Have You Supported Others In The Industry?

“I have provided some advice and mentoring to some individuals."

How Did You Get Started In The Industry and Why? What Do You Love About The Adult Industry?

“I initially became involved because I needed money to help support my children. I had recently separated from my husband and I wasn’t earning enough in my research job. I love the people I meet, I love having lots of Sex and being an exhibitionist, it allows me to travel and to choose the hours i work around my family life. I’ll stay in this industry because of all the reasons I love it."

Why Do You Feel You Deserved To Win The X Awards This Year?

“I think I am an authentic and genuine provider and I believe I have something to offer the industry. I can show the world that a normal high achieving person can live in both worlds, and that other people can too. I’m also a great performer In terms of porn and provider in terms or escorting."

What Are Some Of Your Career Highlights?

“Being nominated for multiple awards is huge! But also presenting my seminar at SEXPO and being listed as a porn Star were momentous occasions."

What Do You Believe Makes You Stand Out From Other Adult Entertainers in Australia?

“I believe I stand out because I represent what is ‘right’ about the industry and help remove preconceived ideas about who and what escorting and porn is."

You can connect with Luci Power on Social Media below:



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