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Meet Our Sponsor: Swinging Down Under Podcast

SPONSOR NEWS: Swinging Down Under Podcast

The X Awards would like to thank Swinging Down Under for sponsoring the 2020 X Awards and awarding Prize Winners this year with incredible prizes which we detail below. We also take the time to find out more about this incredible adult industry supporting business.

Tell Us About Your Business?

"We are an ethically non-monogamous couple who shares their swinging journey on their podcast, blog and YouTube. We host swinging lifestyle events all over the world and hope to normalize our alternative lifestyle.

Where Did The Idea For Swinging Down Under Arise?

We started our journey in 2015 and have been sharing our story and journeys ever since

What Does Swinging Down Under do?

We are primarily a resource for curious couples and singles who might be interested in nonmongamy however we also host hotel takeovers, mingle bar events and virtual events to provide support for people who are interested in the lifestyle.

What is your mission at Swinging Down Under?

We are passionate about helping others to find their own journey and to normalize our way of living with others to remove the stigma of choosing your own path and journey.

What inspired you to enter the Adult Industry?

An urge to share our journey and help others do the same without shame or fear.

What have been some of the most challenging issues you have faced in the Adult Industry and how did you overcome them?

The stigma associated with being sex positive can be a heavy burden and sometimes requires some thick skin. Not everyone is going to believe what we do is ethical or ‘right’, our desire is to change that mentality of what is right for us isn’t necessarily right for you and visa versa. In 2019 I quit my corporate job so we could focus on bringing sex positive media and events and felt it was important to show our faces which we weren’t previously able to do with the associated morality clauses in working contracts.

What have been some of the valuable lessons you have learnt in your adult industry career?

You cannot challenge or change everyone’s opinions and not everyone is going to accept you, that’s the reality. So when someone challenges or doesn’t accept you just remember that it’s coming from a place of misunderstanding, hurt, cultural upbringing and beliefs. Try not to focus in on the bad things but rather the positive, uplifting moments that can come from a good interaction.

What would you tell someone who is not fully comfortable with the adult industry?

A reminder that humans are diverse and the world needs diversity to thrive, whilst their lifestyle isn’t for me and mine isn’t necessarily for them we can learn and grow with each other.

What are some of your achievements?

We have received numerous nominations for global lifestyle awards, have held events in multiple countries around the world but the biggest achievement for us are the occasional emails of thanks we receive. That makes the journey and time worthwhile.

Why do people in the industry and abroad choose to work with Swinging Down Under?

Our desire is to build a community, once you have a community of like-minded, sexually diverse people around you than nothing can hold you back. We love to collaborate with different brands & voices and that is something we believe is the only way to be successful and strong.

How has the Adult Industry changed since you first entered the industry with your business?

Hugely more popular and out of the cupboard! There are now over 100 sex positive lifestyle voices who are podcasting / blogging and countless events being held world over. There are more people sharing their journey on social media and being shamelessly non-monogamous.

What message do you have the for the adult businesses and adult entertainers who want to succeed in industry?

Find your passion, create your ideal mission statement and stick to it. We know it can be disheartening when you first start and growing a community doesn’t happen overnight but if you stick to your authenticity and the remind yourself of the reasons you started then eventually you will thrive.


Swinging Down Under is sponsoring X Awards Winners with A 10-minute segment on the SDU Podcast (conducted either on site at awards ceremony OR via Zoom) to over 250k listeners worldwide and a feature editorial!


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