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Mistress Ava Wins Fetish and Fantasy Service Provider Award 2019


The X Awards would like to congratulate Mistress Ava who won Fetish and Fantasy Provider Of The Year at the 2019 X Awards.

Mistress Ava (pictured: left) wins Fetish and Fantasy Service Provider Award 2019

How Many Years Have You Been In The Adult Industry?

“"4 years"

Who is Mistress Ava?

“Mistress Ava may be petite, but don’t let that fool you – she will easily have you begging for mercy. Make sure to approach with complete respect and humility if you want her to take notice of you. Mistress Ava is a true lifestyle Dominant and a professional with a varied and immense skill set, to be able to fulfil your wildest fantasies."

How Did You Get Started In The Adult Industry and What Do You Love About Being A Part of The Australian Adult Industry?

“Mistress Ava first dipped her toes into the adult industry when she decided to try and sell her worn socks and underwear online for a bit of extra cash to help her through university. Everything snowballed in a most unexpected way from there, but four years down the track and Mistress Ava is in love with her involvement in the adult industry."

Why Do You Feel You Deserved To Win The X Awards This Year?

“Mistress Ava is a prominent figure in the Sydney local kink community and adult industry. She advocates tirelessly for those in the industry and hopes to continue doing so in a greater capacity."

What have been highlights of your career?

"The highlights of Mistress Ava’s career thus far have been creating Femocracy Sydney, which has functioned as a beautiful community support system for dominant and empowered femmes, and those that love to serve them. Also her work with her column - Desire Into Discourse - in which she writes about various adult things, in a bid to diminish the stigma surrounding them and educate on the beautiful reality instead."

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