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Meet Our Sponsor: MyFavoritePornStar

SPONSOR NEWS: My Favorite Porn Star

The X Awards would like to thank My Favorite Porn Star for sponsoring the 2020 X Awards and awarding Prize Winners this year with incredible prizes which we detail below. We also take the time to find out more about this incredible adult industry supporting business.

Tell Us About Your Business?

My Favourite Pornstar started in 2018, our website features adult industry awards, events and interviews. Adult Industry Awards we’ve covered UKAP, VENUS, PRP, XBiz and AVN Adult Industry Events we’ve covered VENUS, eXXXotica, XBiz and AVN Events. We’ve recently completed our 200th interview, we interview the industries leading directors, producers, performers and others involved within the industry. 

Where Did The Idea For My Favorite Pornstar Arise?

We can’t remember specifically when, but we were thinking who is our favorite pornstar? Who’s your favorite pornstar? There’s no wrong or right answer and the answer can change hourly and for any reason! It’s really quite complex when you think about it!

What Does My Favorite Porn Star do?

Our website features adult industry; awards, events and interviews

What is your mission at My Favorite Porn Star?

We’ve interviewed over 200 people involved within the adult industry, we’d love to think that people have learnt something about the industry and maybe even introduced them to their new favorite pornstar. We’ve interviewed some of the biggest names within the industry and performers who’ve just shot their first adult movie….

What inspired you to enter the Adult Industry?

We get to work with the most beautiful and sexiest women, some are even friends now. We’ve been fortunate enough to meet our idols and interview them. Most peoples dream wouldn’t you say?…..

How did you get started in the Adult Industry?

By being exceptionally charming!!! Obviously! LOL When we’d just started we were trying to attend the UKAP (UK Adult Producers) Awards but as we didn’t have a website Terry Stephens then (UKAP Chairman) who now regularly helps us out! Wouldn’t let us attend! We’d just interviewed Kai Taylor, who’s one of the UK’s most well known performers, Kai spoke to Terry - we attended the awards, our first! Which led to the VENUS Show and awards, then eXXXotica, XBiz Show and Awards then the AVN Show and Awards! 

What have been some of the most challenging issues you have faced in the Adult Industry and how did you overcome them?

TBH the adult industry is a yes biased industry, the answers always yes, even if it’s really a no! Pretty frustrating when you're trying to do interviews!..

What is the biggest misconception about the adult entertainment Industry from your perspective? What do you think needs to change for the industry to be accepted?

That pornstars can’t be intelligent and think for themselves, there any many financially secure performers who’ve made it a business and enjoy what they do.

What have been some of the valuable lessons you have learnt in your adult industry career?

It can be so frustrating! Some performers are like royalty and if you’re not royalty or don’t have millions of fans/viewers they’re not interested! Other performers are truly amazing! They’re also royalty but will help anyone! 

What would you tell someone who is not fully comfortable with the adult industry?

Most people watch porn, yet performers get such a bad press for what they do! There are some amazing people in the industry, amazing directors and performers who are treated appalling by society because of what they do.

What are some of your achievements?

100% our proudest moment was raising money for Pineapple Support! They’re an amazing charity that support mental health within the adult industry. If everyone could check out their website, twitter, follow and support them it would be amazing! They save lives within the adult industry!

Why do people in the industry and abroad choose to work with My Favorite Porn Star?

We’ve always focused on being polite and respectful of performers and support the adult industry.

How has the Adult Industry changed since you first entered the industry with your business?

We’ve been supporting the adult industry for over 2 years and our website fro 1 1/2 years, so the industry hasn’t changed much.

What message do you have the for the adult businesses and adult entertainers who want to succeed in industry?

Be yourself, be respectful of others. If you’re interested in advertising on our website or if you're a director, producer, performer or other involved within the adult industry get in touch. We have to say a massive thank you to Tanya Tate of Star Factory PR and The Rub PR, who’ve helped us out so much! Kingdom CEO and Director of for supporting us! And of course Kai Taylor - where it all started!


My Favorite Porn Star is sponsoring Porn Star Categories with Feature Interviews and Editorials on Male, Female and Transgender Porn Stars and Cam Stars!


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