Rhylee Rose Wins Best Bucks Party Entertainer Award 2019

BEST BUCKS PARTY 2019 - Rhylee Rose

The X Awards would like to congratulate Rhylee Rose who won Best Bucks Party Entertainer Of The Year at the 2019 X Awards.

Rhylee Rose (in red), wins Best Bucks Party Entertainer 2019

How Many Years Have You Been In The Adult Industry?

“"I have been in the Adult Entertainment Industry for 1 year 6 months"

Who is Rhylee Rose?

“Highly motivated, natural entertainer. That dives into every opportunity and has fun doing so. Passionate and positive about the industry and job itself. With a desire for success and progression."

Any Achievements You Want To Tell Us About?

“1st time nominee for the X Awards Australia."

How Did You Get Started In The Adult Industry and What Do You Love About Being A Part of The Australian Adult Industry?

“Lack of knowledge about this, at the time, "foreign-sex industry" but overwhelmed with curiosity and anxt to be apart of. What started as a hobby, quickly consumed me becoming not only a lifestyle but a passion due to natural abilities and talents for entertaining. I am still apart of the industry simply because I love it. It's a safe space for expression and allows for self management, both of which suit my character and lifestyle I want to live. I am extremely grateful and lucky enough to have found something of this nature."

Why Do You Feel You Deserved To Win The X Awards This Year?

“Promising newcomer and a driven advocate of the industry. An undeniable asset."

What Do You Believe Makes You Stand Out From Other Adult Entertainers in Australia?

"My performance, knowledge, high energy level and professionalism I bring and give every day makes me one of Australia's best. Whether work or play I always give 110% with a goal of progression in the industry."

Connect with Rhylee Rose on Social Media:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ms_rhyleerose


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