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Suspended | X Awards 2021


After careful consideration of the post-pandemic affects on the Australian Adult Entertainment Business Industry, taking into account the individuals and businesses that make up the incredible community of the Australian Adult Industry, the difficult decision has been made to suspend the 2021 X Awards Program to give the industry time to heal, grow and reach climax.


Video Message from Jett Black - CEO


X AWARDS™ was founded in 2019 by Jett Black, CEO of Sweet Release Agency. The awards program exists to legitimise the success of Adult Businesses and Adult Entertainers in Australia through an internationally sponsored awards program with a public vote that counts 1-for-1 ensuring the legitimacy, fairness and equal opportunity to all participants nationally.

Since 2019, Jett Black has personally financed the program over $30,000.00 with additional contributions from select sponsors throughout Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America; without the expectation of the Nominees and Finalists contributing to the operational costs of the program or expectation of attendance at the Awards Night which has become one of the most respected and celebrated networking event in the Australian Adult Industry.

"...after realising I could not pray the gay away, I dived head first into the adult industry over a decade ago, along that journey I met many businesses and entertainers who kept me on track with my career and supported me as a sex worker. Creating X Awards Australia was my way of giving back to the industry and saying thank you to the entire industry who has supported me, providing them with a platform to be recognised, celebrated and united for excellence." - Jett Black, CEO & Founder of X Awards Australia

In 2020, the pandemic (Covid-19) caused a ripple effect throughout the Australian Adult Industry impacting not only the financial viability of Australian Adult Businesses but also the Mental health and Physical Health of Australian Adult Entertainers. X Awards continued to shine as a beacon of hope and light for the Australian Adult Industry, with Jett Black continuing to push on and provide a light at the end of a dark and winding tunnel with a 2020 Awards Night held in February 2021 with limited guests able to attend however still committed to celebrating the businesses and entertainers who persevered and continued to shine in the darkness.

Realising the impact of Covid-19, with many businesses and entertainers expressing their concerns for their mental, physical and financial health; Jett Black decided in May 2021 at the closure of the nomination period for the 2021 X Awards program to suspend the awards to give the Australian Adult Industry time to grow, heal and reach climax without the added stress of participating in a competitive and internationally acclaimed Adult Industry Awards program, X Awards Australia.

"...the idea of running an awards program for the industry with so many businesses and entertainers expressing their concerns for their futures in the industry and the stability of their world post-pandemic, it just does not make sense to put the pressure on these businesses and entertainers with an awards program. Their focus needs to be on healing their mind, their bodies and of course growing their businesses again, so that when the X Awards relaunches they have even more incredible stories to share and achievements to celebrate." - Jett Black, CEO & Founder of X Awards Australia

Jett Black's passion for and commitment to supporting the Australian Adult Entertainment Business Industry is expressed with a helping hand of support and guidance to help every Adult Business and Adult Entertainer grow their careers in 2021 with free consultancy as well as discounted marketing, advertising and publicity services at Sweet Release Agency, the multi-award-winning adult industry marketing and public relations agency.

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