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Voodoo Lounge Wins Gentlemen's Club Award 2019

GENTLEMEN'S CLUB AWARD 2019 - Voodoo Lounge Perth

The X Awards would like to congratulate Voodoo Lounge who won Gentlemen's Club Award Of The Year at the 2019 X Awards.

Voodoo Lounge Perth wins Gentlemen's Club of The Year 2019

How Many Years Have You Been In The Adult Industry?

“14 years"

Who is Voodoo Lounge?

“The Voodoo Lounge – Perth’s Premier Club & Cabaret Lounge is a nightclub which has taken a bold new initiative toward entertainment. It is a visually stimulating neo-art deco room, which through use of décor and lighting has taken pole-dancing and cabaret to another level. Our attitude can be seen reflected in our achievements: one of our pole-dancers, Felix Cane, began her career with us and has gone on to star in Las Vegas with Circus de Soleil. Where other Clubs in Perth have lingered in a time-warp, attracting the same tired old Pierre Cardin rain-coat brigade and staffed with hardened, pinch-faced hustlers, we have shed the label ‘Gentleman’s Club’ and embraced a whole new approach to sensuality, sexuality and inter-active cabaret – we have taken what was best and reinvented it on another level only at The Voodoo Lounge – Perth’s Premier Club & Cabaret Lounge. We have taken that quantum leap which sees us riding the crest of fantasy and fun which a modern generation expects from its entertainment provider. Whether it be film, television, fashion, the internet, or a nightclub with an erotically charged atmosphere, the modern world demands you keep abreast of changing tastes and themes: which the Voodoo Lounge – Perth’s Premier Club & Cabaret Lounge does."

How Did You Get Started In The Adult Industry and What Do You Love About Being A Part of The Australian Adult Industry?

“Hayley, the OG owner started off as a stripper and worked her way through every position (door girl/ bartender/ house mum/ dj/ manager) and built up her skill set to get to a position where she was confident in owning and running her own club. ; Hayley's story was later used as inspiration for our fringe world show "Beating the odds- the Hayley Stewart story" "After 17 years in the industry I still get inspired by new performers I see and I enjoy all the new people I meet through the club. No day (or night) is ever the same which keeps me interested and nothing else compares to the "industry family feel" that you get in the adult industry" Tony, has been involved with us for over 10 years and an owner for 2 years, originally starting his life as a singer in the band downstairs when we had a live music venue attached, he soon became a valued member of the team and worked his way up from Floor Manager, Marketing Manager to CEO of the company. Tony is a well known businessman in Perth from his time as a musician, business success on Channel TENs Shark Tank and with his Guitar Stap Company (The Guitar Strap Co). Running festivals and large events in Western Australia he applies his love for the arts to his love for the Adult Industry. "I feel that every event and performance is a chance for the club and the artist to reinvent themselves and learn something new and creative, its who we are and what we live and breath and i'm proud to keep this tradition alive. "

Why Do You Feel You Deserved To Win The X Awards This Year?

This is a two part answer: We feel that as a venue we have taken a great approach to how dancers are viewed in the way we take the time to train each dancer in how to make money safely and properly, how to get into the industry, how to save, how to invest and even how to tell family and get out of the industry. A lot of clubs these days just throw a girl up on stage to take off their clothes without taking into account the phsycological effect that can have without teaching her to put up the walls and persona needed to mentally survive this harsh environment. From the entertainment side of the business we live our lives by creativity and run over 45 events per year to cater for all types of demographic and kink. From Best Breasts in the West, the S.T.A.R Awards (Strip Tease Artist Recognition Awards in its 15th year), Venus Factor (The best work strippers in WA) to the Fetish Ball were we out the venue down for a sold out private event themed differently every year (now in its 15th year). This makes sure that we are drawing in all types of clientele and allowing our girls to strive to be creative in costume, choreography, dance and better their skills as performers and not just be a piece of meat on stage as other venues view their girls. Lastly our mantra the only rule (well the main rule that you can ask any customer or staff member and they will proudly repeat it) "NO DICKHEADS" this is a simple statement that we say from the front door to the back change room and it protects us all from being unsafe. Eg. in order for one to be a dickhead and do something that offends or gets you kicked out, you must have to get past the following people so its rare we have to kick anyone out or that drama will escalate to a bad situation; This is who you will need to get past in order to be one which is hard... 1. the security who tell you from the first word to "Rule 1 don't be a dickhead, respect the staff, no photos and have a great time" 2. the receptionist who will remind you of the rules 3. the 60 dancers who are there to keep you in line 4. the floor managers to meet and greet everyone who comes into the room 5. the bar staff 6. everyone else who came in there to not hangout with dickheads... So to answer the question I feel that we run a great venue that caters for all types of people, we have amazing entertainment, polite, fun well trained girls to meet and greet you and friendly staff who remember your name and drink so you leave happy, satisfied and don't feel like robbed. Service is our speciality and we feel that we are one of the best at it in Australia."

What have been highlights?

"Being the club that a lot of great performers have cut their teeth in like Felix Cane, Ashton Avenue, Alegra King the list goes on but to see how they have blossomed and moved on to great things has been a big reward to us that they still call the venue home. Being the first Adult Venue allowed into Fringeworld putting cabaret shows on with erotic dancers and breaking the stereotypes of the Adult Industry to the citizens, showing them that our girls are legitimate performers capable of taking out the best show of Fringeworld. Conceptualising and hosting the S.T.A.R (strip tease artist recognition) awards for the past 14 years. It is a night when all the Striptease Artists, their Agencies, Disc Jockeys, Costumers, Drivers, lovers and supporters all gather together in one room to pay tribute to their industry and its art-form. In more recent times, consistently having a full club every night we open has been the highlight. In Perth there has been tough times other bars and it be full every night this year makes us proud to know we are doing something right to have great customers returning, instagramming, facebooking and reviewing us as a 5 Star venue week after week."

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