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2019 X Awards Statistics

  • 30 Sponsors from around the world

  • 205 National Finalists from spanning all sectors of the Australian Adult Industry

  • $55,000 in Prizes donated by Adult Businesses and Service Providers

  • 150 Adult Entertainers and Adult Businesses attended the Awards Night

  • 34 Award Categories spanning Entertainment and Business

  • 98% Attendee Satisfaction and have indicated they will attend (and spread the word)

Why Participate In The X Awards?

“The X Awards recognises the achievements of every adult entertainer and adult business around the. world with. extensive publicity and encourages active national networking amongst participants; sponsored by the global adult industry; with 34 award categories with prize values totalling over $50,000 every year! Exposure. Recognition. Celebration. Networking. The chance to be regarded as the best in the industry."

How Much Does It Cost To Participate?

“There is no. cost to nominate and be accepted as a Finalist in the X Awards. If you are a finalist you are encouraged to participate and attend the Awards Night that sponsored by Industry which means that the ticket cost is considerably reduced. Pre-Sale tickets cost between $155-175.00 (AUD), full price tickets and last minute ticket price varies.

Get Your Tickets To 2020 X Awards Night Online: www.xawards.com.au/boxoffice

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Awards News

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X Awards Australia

X Awards is the flagship event of the Australian Adult Industry, uniting adult entertainers and adult businesses for excellence presented by Sweet Release in partnership with the global adult industry.

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