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Rules Of The Game


UPDATED 17.10.2023

  1. The organization handling your data is xAWARDS™, a branch of a larger enterprise based at 81-83 Campbell Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia, with the registration number ABN 14 123 520 703, hereafter referred to as the "Data Manager." For any inquiries, the Data Manager can be reached at

  2. The Data Manager is authorized to manage your data to deliver the services you've sought through the promotion.

  3. In line with The Privacy Act 1988, we'd like to notify you that your private information will be used for the following objectives:
    The xAWARDS™ communicates that their promotional website might include features related to social media (like "Like" buttons connected to the brand's social media profiles). Consequently, certain user data (for instance, IP addresses) might be shared with these social platforms. However, should you receive any promotional or advertisement messages from us, you can withdraw your consent by notifying us at

  4. The data accumulated by the Data Manager will be stored for the duration of the mutual contractual agreement unless the user requests its deletion.

  5. The Data Manager upholds all necessary security measures to safeguard personal information as mandated by current laws.

  6. We'd like to inform users that they can exercise their rights to access, delete, transfer, amend, or review their personal data. Additionally, they can restrict the usage and sharing of this data and can withdraw consent for any data management activities by the Data Manager. To do this, send a written request with a copy of your ID to

  7. For any clarifications regarding this privacy statement, kindly reach out to us at

  8. The Data Manager retains the authority to modify this Privacy Policy whenever they find it necessary.

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