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By nominating someone you confirm both you and the nominee are 18 years or older;

Any nomination entered with invalid contact details or incorrect information will be excluded (please ensure you provide as much information regarding your nominee for the organising committee to be able to contact them and review your nomination);

Each nominee will be need to meet the selection criteria for the nominated category (as in are active and currently working within the category) this may mean your nominee may not be suitable for the category in which you nominate them;

If we are unable to verify or confirm that the nominee is currently active within that specific category, their nomination will be excluded;

Categories with less than 3 nominees are at the committee’s discretion whether they are included as part of the voting process;

Any nominees for individuals or business who have shown questionable behaviour ie; bullying, discrimination, violence or other behaviour that is not in the true spirit of the awards may not be eligible to enter, this will be up to the organising committee to approve;

Awards for Alpha Female or Alpha Male, Best Escort Mentor, Best Female Escort or Best Male Escort, Best Social Media Engagement, Hall of Fame and Industry Ambassador will be selected not based on the total number of votes but on the actual impact and contribution they have made within their industry;

The nominee will be notified by email once the nomination has been checked and verified by the organising committee (providing the organising committee has been able to locate contact details for the nominee);

With current travel limitations, social distancing requirements for events in place due to Covid-19 and should restrictions not allow the actual gala awards event to take place, a virtual awards ceremony will be conducted and streamed live online;

The judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.


Each application made for X Awards Australia is bound by the following terms and conditions. In addition, each individual award category may have specific terms and criteria in order to qualify, which apply in conjunction with the terms and conditions below unless otherwise stated.

Version: V1.4

Last Updated: 12/11/2021

For Enquiries:


An Event is a public or private proceeding organised by X Awards Australia and/or its associated partners,

An Awards Category is a segment of the X Awards Australia, that recognises an applicant as either an Entertainer or Business,

An Application is a form or process, in any medium, including, but not limited to, digital registration, phone registration and physical mail registration, that is submitted to X Awards Australia regarding X Awards Program,

An Applicant is considered a prospective individual or organised group of individuals seeking recognition with X Awards Australia, having expressed such interest by submitting an application,

A Contestant is an applicant who has submitted an application which has been accepted by X Awards Australia and is attending an Event,

The act of Participation in the context of these conditions is the act of being a Contestant who receives nominations and votes throughout the X Awards Australia program.


By Participating in X Awards Australia, you agree that:

1. Applicant Restrictions and Responsibilities

All applicants for X Awards Australia must be aged 18 years or older prior to submitting an Application to become a Contestant of the X Awards Australia program.

All applicants are Australian Citizens for the purpose of X Awards "Australia" being a National Adult Entertainment and Adult Business Awards program.

All applicants are CURRENT Businesses and Entertainers registered and ACTIVE in the Adult Industry of Australia in order to participate in the X Awards Australia program.


2. Application Conditions

X Awards Australia reserves the right to accept or reject any application and associated opportunities for any Adult Entertainer or Adult Business who applies to be a Contestant. Applicants may be required to pay a non-refundable Application Fee to entry the X Awards Program. Any application fees will be stated on the website and may vary from applicant to applicant subject to, but not limited to their previous X Awards involvement, promotional vouchers or discounts, external affiliations and geographical residence. Unless a fee is stated, there is no fee to participate in X Awards Australia. Any fee associated with X Awards Australia is non-refundable, even if the applicant may no longer participate in the X Awards Australia program due to, but not limited to, sickness, change of mind and conflicting commitments. Applications may be restricted to a particular Category, such as Business and/or Entertainment and a prospective Contestant may enquire with X Awards Australia to discuss their suitability for each of the respective Award Categories. The decision of Category placement is up to X Awards Australia.  X Awards Australia reserves the explicit right to reject any application that does not meet the application conditions or does not comply with the program rules and criteria, respects the X Awards Australia management team and does not cooperate with Awards program marketing programs.

3. Adjudication Conditions

Unless otherwise stated, all X Awards Australia categories are subject to these adjudication conditions.

Prizes, including of, but not limited of, monetary value, career and experience value and sentimental value, may be awarded to contestants at any stage of the program. Prizes can be awarded without connection to a specific category, such as in the case of a Contestants history and a Contestant's associated audience and participation attendance in the X Awards Australia.

X Awards Australia may institute a group of individuals, "adjudicators", to review applications and adjudicate prizes in connection with an X Awards Australia category.

X Awards Australia, its team members and organisers reserve the right to assist, contribute to and make adjudication decisions. Adjudicators may adjudicate contestants on a variety of factors, including, but not limited to, career length in the Adult Industry, contributions to the Industry, Story as part of their online application, engagement in the awards program, total online votes and nominations received. The announcement of these factors for a given category are not guaranteed and X Awards Australia reserves the right to announce and change these factors without notice.

Prizes and Awards issued by X Awards Australia and its adjudicators are FINAL.

Additional prizes and awards MAY be issued, and existing prizes and awards revoked, without notice by X Awards Australia and its organisers.

4. Conditions Of Behaviour

X Awards Australia aims to provide an unmatched level of recognition, celebration, unified networking and national industry support to its applicants and its supporters.

Contestants and associates of contestants which act in a manner that prevents or disrupts X Awards Australia to provide a safe, supporting and encouraging environment will not be tolerated. Such behaviour includes, but is not limited to:

i) Verbal insults, slurs, chants, or 'booing' aimed at fellow contestants, audience members, X Awards Australia staff or venue staff;

ii) Violent behaviour that may incite violence;

iii) Open discussions not appropriate and conducive to 'unity' and 'support' of fellow contestants and their associates online, offline and in attendance at Awards Night;

iv) Abuse, verbal or otherwise, directed at X Awards Australia and adjudicators, or venue staff, in connection with a particular contestant or adjudication;

X Awards Australia reserves the right to remove an individual, or a group of individuals from X Awards Australia Event and Awards Program should they contravene these conditions of behaviour.

5. Rights Promotion and Media

X Awards Australia reserves all rights associated with the X Awards Australia brand, including, but not limited to, the X Awards Australia logo and icon, the terms "X Awards Australia" and "Australian Adult Entertainment Business Awards", and the unique format of the X Awards Australia program.

By submitting an application for X Awards Australia, you grant X Awards Australia and its partners the right to create and produce media and content in a variety of mediums, for the purpose of promoting the X Awards Australia brand and/or its associated partners.

Such mediums include, but are not limited to:

i) Still photos and images from an X Awards Australia Event,

ii) Videos from an X Awards Australia Event,

iii) Audio recordings from an X Awards Australia Event,

iv) Photos, Images, Videos, Audio recordings and other physical and/or digital mediums owned by the contestants(s), where the contestant has given permission to X Awards Australia to use the content (Permission in this context is constituted by the act of sharing content with X Awards Australia either implicitly or explicitly),

The Contestant acknowledges that X Awards Australia visual and/or audio content, of a contestant or otherwise, captured in a public environment containing up to 3 or more individuals, may be utilised by X Awards Australia in any domain or medium without restriction by any captured parties.

By engaging in the Application Process, whether an applicant or contestant has submitted an application or not, you permit X Awards Australia to send you communication across any medium for which you have given us your contact details, in regards to any X Awards Australia Event and Program.

X Awards Australia reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time, without notice.

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