Give It An Extra THRUST!

Let Sweet Release Agency help you shape up for size.

Whether it’s straightforward sex toys and accessories or more specialist equipment, there are a plethora of online and offline retailers competing for ever bigger slices of an ever bigger global market. 

Whether you’re an individual making and selling dildos on Shopify or you have your own website or bricks n’ mortar premises, the Sex Retail competition is intense. You don’t need us telling you that!

Similarly, if you’re a wholesaler or distributor, what makes retailers choose your drop-shipping programme or bulk purchase offers over your rivals? But we are here to help you on your journey through our range of marketing planning and strategy consultancy services to say the least. 


create and maintain a distinctive brand identity that sets you apart from the crowd

measure customer satisfaction levels and perceptions towards your products and service – and see how to improve these

calculate your share of wallet and identify opportunities to focus your efforts accordingly

formulate an effective marketing plan and subsequent strategy that plays to your strengths

Believe us when we say that these examples are just a small number of ways in which an insight-led orientation can put some lead in your marketing pencil. So to speak.


We’ve got lots of questions we could ask you to get your mind ticking over. But not right now. Why don’t you drop us a line and we can carry on where we left off?