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Sponsor The 2020 X Awards.

X AWARDS™ is proudly sponsored by international Adult Industry leaders and brands who support the industry with prizes and services donated to winners across the program. Presented by Sweet Release Agency

Meet the International Adult Industry Sponsorship Director, GLENN RONALD

As the father of Jett Black (CEO of Sweet Release Agency and Founder of X Awards), it brings me great joy to see his vision come to life in supporting Adult Businesses and Adult Entertainers celebrate their successes and unite as one.

I believe in collaboration. Freedom of Expression. Family. and Integrity.


It astounds me that so many people in the world look upon our industry with disrespect, but it is heart warming to know that there are Businesses in the world who do not judge Adult Entertainers and Adult Businesses for their careers and passions.

As the Awards Sponsor and Industry Relationship Manager, I am committed to unearthing businesses and service providers globally who want to support Adult Businesses and Adult Entertainers through the X Awards program, by donating their expertise as prizes.


Together we can recognise, and reward Adult Businesses and Adult Entertainers giving them the support and confidence boost they deserve, that too often is diminished by the stigma of mainstream press that challenges the Adult Industry globally.

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